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Fluorescents and Batteries

Recycle Bulbs Jadestone Recycling Ltd collect and recycle, in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations of 2005, the wide variety of battery waste produced in the UK.
Recycle Bulbs Some batteries contain various hazardous metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium. It can be damaging to the environment to send these to landfill, burning batteries can also cause atmospheric pollution.
Recycle Bulbs Estimates show that only 1,000 tonnes of general purpose battery waste is recycled annually in the UK from 20-30,000 tonnes of generated waste.
Recycle Bulbs World wide 15 billion batteries are disposed of every year most of which end up in landfill sites.
Recycle Bulbs Jadestone Recycling Ltd collect and recycle fluorescent tubes and bulbs in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations of 2005. The recycling processes used manage the highly toxic mercury elements, used within these products, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
Recycle Bulbs One fluorescent tube holds enough mercury to contaminate and pollute up to 30,000 litres of drinking water.
Recycle Bulbs Currently over 60 million tubes per year are still sent to landfill.
  Fluorescent tube disposal and recyclingBattery disposal and recycling
  Lamp bank at client site for recycling tubes               Battery bin for recycling batteries

Why Recycle?

WEEE has been introduced to increase the recycling and/or re-use of electrical and electric equipment and regulate the disposal of hazardous substances found in many electrical products. By recycling we can reduce the landfill usage and protect ourselves and the world from health and environmental risks. Jadestone Recycling Ltd is an Island company striving to keep the South Coast as beautiful as it already is. Please recycle!!!!


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Is mercury released from your lamp collection process?

No, all the fluorescent tubes are bulked and stored into a separate waste stream and sent to a central recycling facility. No mercury is released during our process.

Can we just put used torch batteries in our normal waste?

New legislation will require you to handle batteries separately. This already applies to lamps.

Do Jadestone handle domestic waste?

Yes, but we have to make a charge. Domestic waste can normally be recycled at the local civic amenity facility, but some items, for example commercial fridges used by a householder, may not be accepted. Also, if you need your computer hard disk destroyed we offer that service.

What are WEEE regulations?

These regulations require that all waste electrical items be stored and treated separately to other waste streams to ensure maximum re-use and recycling. Domestic electrical waste can normally be recycled at your local civic amenity facility. Jadestone deals primarily with local authorities, schools, NHS trusts and companies to ensure all electrical waste is correctly disposed of and that our customers meet and exceed all the relevant legislations and regulations.